Jeffrey Graham has over 20 years experience in the architecture profession. After working for several of the top firms in the country, he established his North Beach studio in 2000. His work consists of residential projects for new construction, additions, remodels and restoration. Jeffrey also consults on a wide range of large-scale commercial projects with major prestigious firms in San Francisco.

Carefully analyzing the client's goals and requirements, the studio closely communicates with owners and construction professionals to balance aesthetics, cost, schedule and sustainability.

Endorsing sustainable solutions is integral to the practice of Graham Architects. The firm addresses the gap between aesthetic goals and responsible building, constantly striving to prove that beauty, functionality and reasonable building costs need not be sacrificed for sensitivity to the environment.

Residential architecture is about the process of creating a "home". Graham Architects believes that a home should be fully integrated with the landscape; that it should be sensitive to the region, to the neighborhood and especially to the site on which it is built. The firm proposes solutions that are respectful of the past, but speak to the present through new applications of forms, technology and materials.

Above all, a home should be beautiful to its residents and effortlessly meet their needs. It should inspire them and at the same time, feel so inherent that it is instantly comfortable.